Founded in February 2009, Seven Beland started as a business collaboration of Gabriele Bauer (formerly Ruttloff) and Alexander Johnson in Switzerland. Seven Beland's strengths are in marketing, promotion and initial sales contacts through a wide professional network. The company helped clients from e-commerce, global marketing, online distribution, entertainment and hospitality to successfully develop their business.

In September 2012, Seven Beland's operation moved to the Mediterranean exploiting its contacts in the Republic of Malta and expanding its services to new markets and industries. Since May 2017, Seven Beland is active in both countries.

Some client references:

Curious, what "Seven Beland" stands for?

  • Seven is our lucky number.
  • Città Beland is a former name of Alexander Johnson's childhood home, Żejtun on the island of Malta. In 1797, Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim named Żejtun after his mother's surname "Beland".