New Novella: The Last Cigarette by Alexander G. Johnson

Originally published in 2011 as an ebook, Alexander G. Johnson picked up this story again in 2021 and rewrote it to become a thrilling short novella that takes its readers to the future: 

The Last Cigarette - Cover Image
The Last Cigarette - The Priceless Final Puff
"The year 2099, the world is ruled by one central government seated in Hong Kong; the produce of beef has been limited, and the official languages are Mandarin, Spanish and English. The smoking and planting of tobacco has been outlawed; in Great-Britain's London an auction of the last remaining, legal, cigarette is about to start. The surrounding events that take place on the same day make it a smoke to remember ..."

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To get your personal copy, the print-on-demand paperback, ebook an Kindle edition can now be ordered through these online stores:

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More global stores will follow soon, as well as a translation to German. Entertain yourself today!

Alexander G. Johnson

About the Author: 
Born in London in 1950, Maltese / British author Alexander Gregory Johnson has been creatively inspired by the many facets of his variegated life. Alexander dis-covered his creative talents in his later years. From writing short stories to a critically acclaimed musical, his work dives into the emotional mechanics of our planet, be it in the past, present or future.