Papua New Guinea in 5 Days (1992/2023)

A tourism specialist inspects a new travel destination for a Swiss tour operator in July 1992. 30 years later, Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer publishes her travel diary of this exciting trip, colourful illustrated with 78 of her own photographs.

«Papua New Guinea in 5 Days»

A 1992 Fam-Trip Diary

Business partners in Australia had warned her. Papua New Guinea is not for women travelling alone and, moreover, not interesting at all. Only mine workers and scientists travel to this country, they said. Nevertheless, Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer set out on 12 July 1992 to explore this little-known tourism destination. A Swiss tour operator wanted a first-hand report. It was a quick tour, with a packed itinerary typical for a tourism industry familiarisation trip. With the help of a local incoming agency, however, concerns quickly disappeared and Papua New Guinea and its people became an intense and exciting experience in this extraordinary and diverse country. 

This book is the author's original travel diary in German language illustrated with her own photographs - from her 1992 perspective.

Join the author on an unusual short trip !

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Print-on-Demand on standard colour paper including 78 original photographs

91 pages, 14x0.56x22 cm, 11 January 2023, © Seven Beland Publishing

The author is planning an enhanced edition on photo paper as well as a kindle / ebook version.