18 December 2011

The Voice of Germany: Yasmina Hunzinger

I was surprised by the concept "The Voice of ..." when I saw the first couple of shows in Germany. Tired of all those X-Factor, Popstars, Soundso-Idols of the past and their juries' endless insults, bad remarks and sensations at the expense of mediocre candidates, I would not have turned the telly on if Yasmina Hunzinger didn't have the courage to participate in Germany's current battle. Great voices and  fair critiques by the coaches, that's what counts in this format.

Yasmina is a gorgeous singer (songwriter and vocal coach). This Swiss lady with domicile in the Cologne area in Germany is one of those hidden gems whose name is hardly written across large concert billboards, but does a lot of work on smaller stages, in the studio and even lends her voice famous singers to move their lips to (don't ask!).

When Alex Johnson pre-produced the music to the musical STORM, Yasmina was called into the studio by music producer Urs Wiesendanger to interpret character Maria's song "Broken Toy". With her emotional interpretation, Yasmina designed the vocal concept of this song, which was applied without any alterations to its live performance. Listen here:
Broken Toy - feat. Yasmina Hunzinger by Alex Johnson

Yasmina's entry into the battles of "The Voice of Germany" will be broadcasted a few days prior to Christmas on German stations. It won't be easy to stand out against all the other fantastic vocalists in the ring. I wish Yasmina all the best, and a wide audience to become her fans.