18 January 2012

Lovers and the Wisdom of the Crowds

Recommendation platform SoundOut recently made an offer to Sonicbids subscriber, a free song review.  In their own words, "SoundOut is the market leading research and audience insight tool for new music that guarantees accurate and objective insight into any track by any artist, powered 100% by real music fans and consumers."

So we had Sonicbid subscriber Alex Johnson's song "Lovers" rated, and returned was a cool, comprehensive report with lots of comments from real people.  In essence, this pages-long report analyses the marketability of the song in details and rates it. God to know that lovers has a 78% (very good) chance to become a hit with the main age group in their twenties ands thirties.

Display the report and snoop around (pdf 550 KB). Btw, Lovers is available for recording, licensing (pop).