23 May 2012

The Concert of the Future

A recent must-read article (pdf) by By Dave Jaworski, Co-founder & CEO, PassAlong Networks and Kelli Richards, CEO & President, The All Access Group: "Concert-going used to be a very isolated and linear real-time experience. In the past, it involved attending an event where you were surrounded by people you didn’t know or interact with. You certainly didn’t interact with the artist in any way. You’d applaud, listen to music, applaud some more and go home – if you made it to the show at all.

Dave knows the pain of missing a show all too well. Once, while attending a play in Seattle with his wife, he arrived at the Paramount Theatre only to see posters for an Alan Parsons Project show that had taken place the night before. He was a huge fan and would have done anything to attend, if only he had known about it in time.

Today, 24-7 connectivity means the buzz about a show starts long before the event. Fans find each other through social networking sites and let each other know about upcoming shows, ticket information and logistics. Artists also reach out through e-mail blasts, online fan clubs and more, offering early ticket purchase and premiere seating to loyal fans. With all that word of mouth (or should we say word of Web?), it’s easier than ever for a concert to turn into an event. But today’s technology isn’t being used to its full potential yet – there’s a lot of room... read on (free pdf)."