18 July 2013

Internet in Malta

This article reflects how well Malta is connected to the Internet. As seen on Malta Independent 15 July 2013:

EU 'confirms Melita as Malta’s fastest internet service provider'

A study of broadband internet conducted across the European Union member states shows that Melita’s cable internet customers have an average download speed which amounts to more than double what other subscribers receive from other operators in Malta. Melita’s average download speed is also well above the EU average.
The study also shows that Melita customers receive the quality of service they pay for. In more than 95% of the tests, Melita’s internet clients clocked the advertised download speed, compared to 86% for other operators in Malta and an EU average of just 74%.
These results were registered in the “Quality of Broadband Services in the EU” report, which allows the European Commission to compare the performance and quality of broadband internet offered across the EU member states. The report was compiled by...read on.