24 September 2013

Education and Business

By Helga Ellul for The Times of Malta on September 18: "Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of Malta’s foremost corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, many of whom emerged and evolved during a crucial juncture of the country’s development.

These were fired by a pioneering spirit underlined by a lot of courage, boundless creativity, a strong belief in the projects they undertook and a fierce determination to succeed.

Today, my business consultancy activity continues to put me in touch with the people behind small and medium enterprises – many of them family businesses – who, to a large extent, make Malta work, literally. They manage to do so despite tremendous odds.

Let there be no doubt for a moment that the success of any economy, including Malta’s, depends on the quality of its entrepreneurs, people who have the ideas and are willing to take the risks necessary to get a project ..." read on.