22 September 2013

Likes: Maltese fanatical about Baci, Pastizzi and McDonalds

MaltaIndependent wrote September 19: "What do Baci, Pastizzi and Mcdonalds all have in common, apart from being detrimental to your waist-line? Their respective Facebook pages all have over 15,000 local fans.

Socialbakers, a social media analytics tools, provides some interesting insight on Maltese users’ interests and habits.

Ira Losco, Joseph Calleja and Tenishia are Malta’s top celebrities, at least when it comes to the amount of Facebook fans that they have in Malta.

The popular singer and one time Eurovision representative has 25,264 local fans, with Mr Calleja having 23,851 and Tenishia 22,126.

It is DJ duo Tenishia who edge it when it comes to global appeal, as they have 71,209 Facebook fans around the world, some thirty-odd thousand more than Joseph Calleja and Ira Losco. read on"