3 September 2013

Malta Global Residence Programme: Advantages for Self-Sufficient Expatriates

Business Weekly of Malta Independent published on August 29, 2013:

Leader: New Maltese residency scheme coincides with stricter Schengen visa process

The launch of a new residency scheme for foreigners owning property in Malta has been launched in the same week that saw stricter requirements for Schengen visa applications, a coincidence which might boost Malta as a destination for South Africans seeking dual residency status.
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On 1 June, the Maltese government announced a new residency scheme, known as the Malta Global Residence Programme, to replace the existing High Net Worth Individuals Tax Residence Scheme.
The new scheme seeks to attract economically self-sufficient expatriates looking for an alternative residence base in a European country.
It is particularly attractive for those holding passports issued by other than EU or EEU countries, such as South Africa, wrote Mel Roberts...read on.