30 September 2013

Mobile Online Gambling Growth Means Jobs

Found on Online-Casinos.com, September 17, 2013: "There is a great deal of positive energy around the online gambling industry because it is a clean compact economic solution. For places such as Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man among other jurisdictions that employs thousands of people to support the business and pay taxes to their governments.

For 13 years, Gibraltar has become one of the most concentrated online gambling territories in the world, employing 2,400 people in the U.K. protectorate with a population of 29,000.

The recent spat over fishing rights with Spain also put the online gambling industry in some jeopardy. People were concerned their jobs would be in trouble should the problem escalate.

The online casino industry feeds a lot of people all over the world. The point is that many countries actively encourage gambling. 'I set up Malta as an internet gambling jurisdiction and asked them:..." read on.