9 October 2013

English teaching pumps €135m in Malta’s economy

On di-ve.com 02/10/2013: The teaching of English as a foreign language sector has grown considerably over the past years and last year contributed to over €135 million to the local economy, the The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations of Malta (FELTOM) said. The Federation believes that the budget for 2014 should be another step in strengthening the tourism and educational sectors.

In addition, this industry is directly generating employment for hundreds of teachers. Thousands of host families also benefit directly from this industry which last year alone attracted over 81,000 students to Malta.

Looking ahead, FELTOM is proposing that in education Government strengthens literacy programmes in schools, focuses on bilingualism in schools and commences a postgraduate degree on teaching of English.

In the tourism sector, FELTOM believes that Airmalta should be strengthened, additional routes of low-cost airlines are started and investments in the general infrastructure and environment continue.
FELTOM also believes that administrative efficiency can also facilitate more students coming to Malta and in this regard government should improve...read on