28 October 2013

Last week’s European summit

Times of Malta 25/10/2013: These two days the Heads of Government of the 28 EU member states are meeting in Brussels. Although the agenda that has been circulated does not mention immigration, this item is likely to feature prominently in the discussions.

In fact the official agenda mentions three items that are all economic in nature and hence of relevance for this column.

The items are the digital economy, innovation and services; growth competitiveness and jobs; and the economic and monetary union. These are all items that are of direct relevance to the Maltese economy and we need to ensure that we protect our patch accordingly.

With regard to the digital economy, innovation and services, there is a great deal of talk on the creation of EU-wide systems.

So the European Council shall be discussing the Digital Single Market by 2015, the completion of the European Research Area by 2014 and the future development of the Innovation Union, and the outcome of the Licences for Europe process.

The use of italics is purely mine as they highlight...read on.