2 October 2013

Malta a strong player in ICT field

The Times of Malta, 26/09/2013: Malta is a “strong player in the ICT field” which can provide a “strong lead across Europe” in the coming years, according to Robert Madelin, director general for communications networks, content and technology in the European Commission.

Mr Madelin was in Malta this month and in a joint interview with i-Tech and the University of Malta radio station Campus FM gave an update on the EU’s ambitious Digital Agenda and Malta’s progress in the ICT sector.

His visit came a few months after the general election in Malta and a change in Administration.
“One of the focal points of my visit on this occasion was to meet the new actors and hear their views on where they want to go in the next few years. The numbers put Malta in a reasonably good position. I don’t detect, sitting in Brussels, any immediate change of course, but if you look beyond next year when we change the European Commission and the European Parliament, you see also the Maltese presidency of the European Council on horizon. These are all opportunities, given that Malta is quite a strong player in the ICT field for the government of the day to give a strong lead across Europe.” ...read on.