18 October 2013

Relating to Malta

Living like a tourist 10/10/2013: "I like to personify things. I am a product of a Disney-filled childhood; therefore, I animate inanimate objects. Like Disney’s dancing candlesticks or talking mirrors, I give countries, cities and even forms of weather human personalities. You may have read about my "DC-as-a-potential-boyfriend" post. Now this is my “Malta-as-a-fellow-expatriate” post.

Malta in human-form could be the newest arrival to our expat world. Like many of us expats, Malta has a variety of international and cultural influences in its background. Not only that, she (Malta) has a current culture and lifestyle that feels like a blend of a dozen. Malta has probably also had moments when she is a bit confused about her identity… or at least other people are confused about her identity...read on.