25 January 2014

More than 1,300 marriages in the Malta diocese last year

Times of Malta 18/01/2014: A total of 1,319 church marriages were registered in the Malta Archdiocese last year, the Curia said.

It said that 1,136 were between Maltese nationals and 62 between Maltese and foreigners.
The marriages between Maltese and foreigners were between Maltese Catholics and foreign Catholics (32), between Maltese Catholics and foreign Christians (19) and between Maltese and non-Christians (11). Another 12 marriages were registered between Maltese couples living abroad, and 109 between foreign couples.

The 62 foreigners uniting in marriage with Maltese nationals were 42 men and 20 women and hailed from 29 countries, including Italy (13) and the UK (seven)...read on.