6 May 2014

20 Things Every Maltese Knows To Be True

Davinia Hamilton Blog 29/04/2014:
1. There is no lunch better than a couple of slices of Maltese bread with good olive oil, tomatoes, salt and pepper, and an ice-cold Cisk to wash it down.
2. If you leave Malta to live abroad, you will eventually end up with a group of friends which unfailingly includes a number of Maltese.
3. Similarly, if you have left Malta and look forward to a holiday back home, you will return to find many of your friends no longer live there either.
4. A true friend brings you a supply of Twistees, galletti and gbejniet when they visit. Bonus friend points if they also manage to squeeze a couple of bottles of Kinnie into their suitcase.
5. You will never admit it, but you secretly look forward to the Eurovision and even feel an inexplicable surge of pride when the Maltese singer takes to the stage.
6. There is no better way to end a long night out than stopping for a breakfast of pastizzi in Rabat.
7. There is no such thing as the six degrees of separation in Malta. Even in extreme...read on.