4 May 2014

The island that will warm your heart: Malta packs a punch with a touch of home from home

DailyStarSunday 27/04/2024: MALTA is like being at home but with the heat turned up....

Valletta, the capital, has proudly kept its red post boxes, everyone speaks English, they drive on the left and use British plugs.

No wonder thousands of Brits move there and even more visit each year.

It might be just a tiny dot in the middle of the Mediterranean but for sightseeing and shopping it more than punches above its weight.

Here you can see the world’s oldest freestanding temples – built long before the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge – visit medieval palaces and 359 churches.

There is also stunning lace, olive oil, decent wine, creamy goats cheese, silver jewellery and colourful glassware to buy.

Malta has been used as a film location hundreds of times, including for blockbuster Gladiator and the first series of Game Of Thrones...read on