15 June 2014

Comino: Malta’s unspoiled Island

GreenFudge.org 24/05/2014: The Maltese Archipelago is made up a number of islands with the main three being Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta and Gozo are the most populated and developed, while Comino is a beautiful small island on which only a handful of people live. It has the most beautiful sea, known as the Blue Lagoon. Though very small, Comino’s original state has been generally left intact. This means that you cannot find cars or shops on the entire island and only one hotel. There are no high-rise apartments or all the other things that a developed country has to offer. The only things that this island can provide are peace, tranquility and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, in the summer many opt to go there to spend a day at the beach. Upon arriving one cannot help but notice that the beach is full of umbrellas and deck chairs. However, swimming in the beautiful clear sea of the Blue Lagoon compensates for any such inconvenience...read on.