13 June 2014

EU’s recommendations for Malta

Times of Malta 05/06/2014: As Eurosceptics bask in the success their parties have achieved in the European Parliament elections, new facts and figures from the European Commission show that the measures taken in the countries hit by the financial crisis and recession have paid off.
Unfortunately, many in Malta still do not seem to take an active interest in what happens in the European Union as a whole. Possibly influenced by the ‘them-and-us’ mentality unwisely perpetrated by some politicians, they have not yet quite realised perhaps that the island is an integral part of the Union.
So, even though Malta is doing well and, according to the European Commission, the economic outlook is better than the euro-area average, it is also good to learn that growth in the rest of the Union has returned.
Only Cyprus and Croatia are expected to see their economies shrink this year, and, by next year, all EU economies are expected to be growing again.
The aggregate budget deficit of EU countries is also expected to fall below the three per cent of GDP limit this year. All this is of direct interest to Malta for, if the island had managed to do well in the worst of times, it should do better now that the situation is...read on.