1 July 2014

Maltese migrants in Australia losing mother tongue

Study finds that second-generation Maltese migrants are losing their familiarity with the Maltese language, while still viewing Malta as a desirable holiday destination.

Australian Comedian Adam Hills can trace his
Maltese ancestry to the 1400s
MaltaToday 01/07/2014: Second-generation Maltese migrants in Australia are rapidly losing the Maltese language, are viewed favourably by the Australian population in comparison to other ethnic groups, and remain fond of Malta as a holiday destination.

This emerges from a survey conducted by Maurice N. Cauchi for the Maltese Community Council in Victoria.

Entitled ‘The Second Generation in Australia – A survey of Maltese-background persons’ and published in April, the study sought to identify key differences between the first generation of Maltese migrants who moved to Australia, and the generation that followed them.

Identifying that 65% of the second generation were aged below 50, the study found that the majority of these residents were born to parents from mixed...read on.