30 August 2014

A 'Radiant' Angelina Jolie Arrives in Malta

Splash News Online
People 29/08/2014: Newlywed life looks good on Angelina Jolie. Four days after her surprise wedding to Brad Pitt, the Oscar winner touched down in Malta on Wednesday to prepare for the couple's sexy working honeymoon.

"She looked radiant," says an observer, adding that she was wearing a gold wedding band with her engagement ring on the other hand. "Stunning. She was very happy and warm with everyone."

On Friday, Jolie was spotted on a small boat with crew members from her upcoming film By the Sea, which she is directing from her own script

The bride, 39, spent time scouting locations for the film, in which she and Pitt play a married couple who become sexually obsessed with their...read on.