17 August 2014

Eveline Suter: Broken Toy

Just a short while ago, the acclaimed Swiss Musical and Theatre Actress and Singer Eveline Suter, released her album "Songs & Stories". With it came a new interpretation of the song "Broken Toy"she so brilliantly performed YouTube Clip) in her role as heart-torn single mother "Maria", a leading role in the musical STORM.
In the album's booklet, Eveline notes: "I sang "Broken Toy" in the Musical "Storm", which was on stage in Switzerland only for a short period of time. Remaining with me is this wonderful pop-song for concerts. The song also brought me luck many times during castings. While auditioning for the Swiss musical "Alpenrose", for example, "Broken Toy" won me one of the leading female roles."

2014 sees Eveline Suter perform as Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" on one of Switzerland's most popular open air stages on Lake Walensee.