8 September 2014

Pastizzi, Qaghaq tal-Ghaseland the occasional gossip... in Canada

Malta Independent 25/08/2014: ucked away at the west end of The Junction, in Toronto, the bakery shop is extremely popular. Newspaper cuttings, photos and maps of Malta are lined on the wall. On a television screen, a live stream of the Grand Harbour is featured. People make their way in to buy pastizzi (cheesecakes), qaghaq tal-ghasel (honey rings) or to dip some krustini in their tea.

In the area known as Little Malta, local traditions have been kept alive – be it religious processions or the traditional figolla during Easter.

Charlie and Antoinette have almost become like trusted family members for the regular customers.
Only a few weeks ago, the couple closed the shop for a day, because one of their daughters was getting married.  The customers panicked, thinking it had...read on.