19 August 2015

Economic assessment shows e-waste recycling is an industry worth billions

Study published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews wins Elsevier's Atlas Award

EurekAlert 17 August 2015: People love their cell phones, tablets, and flat screen TVs, but far too many of those devices finally end up forgotten in a desk drawer or landfill. An economic assessment study published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews lays the groundwork to assist in decision-making around e-waste recycling programs designed to ensure that the valuable materials contained within electronic products will find a second life.

The paper by Lenny Koh of the Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre at The University of Sheffield in the U.K. and her co-authors has been selected for this month's Elsevier's Atlas Award.

"This paper is a cornerstone and crucial evidence base to really inform society globally and encourage us to think about the amount of embedded value and...read on.