25 August 2015

Video: TenCate's Geosynthetic Containers in Mining and Mineral Processing

A new video from TenCate profiles the utilization of geosynthetic containers in mining and mineral processing. TenCate Geotube® containers are being used in a large range of applications, such as pond and lagoon maintenance, tailings management, water resource management, precious metals recovery, acid mine drainage, beneficial reuse, emergency and disaster management, and specialty applications.

The versatility across applications, dependable performance, and customizable size and configurations are driving growth of this engineered solution in mining. The dewatering and solids separation characteristics are particularly attractive, for site economics and environmental performance. The dewatered solids are even able to be beneficially reused on site (e.g., berm construction).

For more information on TenCate Geotube® and other geosynthetic technologies, visit the TenCate Geosynthetics website.