11 August 2015

Wet wipes costing Sydney millions as men pamper their bottoms for that bathroom fresh feeling

Daily Telegraph Australia 10 August 2015: MEN are creating “fatbergs” of used wet wipes that are threatening to destroy our sewerage system as they search for that fresh bathroom feeling. 

Sydney Water has warned the alarming rise in residents using wet wipes to pamper their behinds could cripple the areas sewers.

Sydney Water managing director Kevin Young said they were seeing wet wipes popping up more and more and it was costing taxpayers statewide $8 million every year to clear the blockages.

“Wet wipes may flush and clear your toilet bowl, however they can combine with fats and oils and other things that shouldn’t be flushed into big, congealed clumps — or ‘fatbergs’ in the sewer,” Mr Young said...read on.

  • More than 500 tonnes of wet wipes are removed from Sydney’s sewers annually
  • The equivalent of a 747 jumbo jet
  • About $25 million is spent nationally clearing blockages
  • It costs taxpayers across the state about $8 million every year