16 October 2015

Opinion: Don’t Flush El Niño Down the Drain

Record rainfall can help end the drought — unless we let it all run out to sea

Argonaut Online 14 October 2015: Why are the most valuable things the least valued?

We’ll spend our most valuable commodity — time — at a job we don’t like, using up hundreds of hours to earn thousands of dollars for things we really don’t need. At the same time, the air is free, although we wouldn’t last minutes without it; and water is still cheap, although we wouldn’t last days without that.

Why don’t we value these things? Because when we think something is limitless, we take it for granted — time, air, water. But fresh water isn’t limitless. Only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water. Since 1913, Los Angeles has had water surging in, due to the efforts of people like William Mulholland, who brought drinking water from the...read on.