20 October 2015

University of Cambridge develops UK's largest water recycling system

The University of Cambridge has signed an agreement with Cambridge Water to support the UK's largest water recycling system at the University's North West Cambridge Development site.

edie.net 20 October 2015: The agreement between University and the water company will see two water supplies installed on the 150-hectare site – one which recycles rain and surface water to use for flushing toilets, clothes washing and garden watering, and another supplying high quality treated water for drinking, cooking and bathing.
Both supplies are designed to minimise the use of potable water on the development, which will include 3,000 homes, 2,000 post-graduate student rooms, a supermarket, hotel and primary school.
The water recycling system, in conjunction with water efficiency devices and fittings, should result in a potable water consumption of...read on.