4 November 2015

Norway`s waste management policy: Exclusive treatment rights & waste export

Recycling Portal 2 November 2015: Trondheim, Norway — Norwegian municipalities can choose to treat the collected household waste themselves, purchase treatment solutions in the market, or give certain public plants an exclusive right to treat the waste. Fewer and fewer Norwegian municipalities treat their waste themselves, and more of them buy treatment solutions in the marketplace or grant exclusive rights. Both Norwegian and foreign plants compete for Norwegian household waste. Currently, around 25 per cent of household waste from Norwegian municipalities is treated in plants that have been granted an exclusive treatment right.

In 2013 Norway exported a total of 650,000 tonnes of residual waste for energy recovery. Around a third of this amount is household waste. The export of residual waste from Norway is sent almost in its entirety to Sweden for energy recovery. Exporting waste from Norway requires the consent of...read on.