30 October 2015

Water is the Most Challenging Issue of Our Times

SC Times 25 September 2015: By Lew Avera. "As we all know, we are in the grips of the worst drought of our time. We are now hearing of the expected “EL Niño” rainfall and the suggestion that it could be the answer to our water problems.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it will do very little and worst of all a simple, immediate and desired solution to the drought may be well beyond our control.

I am writing this edition of Views as a matter of real interest to most of us and as a person who has extensive knowledge and experience in the subject of our water supply.

In 2004 and 2005 during the years I served on our Orange County Grand Jury I had the opportunity to travel all over California with the water agencies to view and understand in detail our water supply, where it comes from and how it gets to us. Probably the most important variable is our climate; however, all the variables we hear about are important—amount and location of precipitation annually, geography, population distribution, economic" ...read on.