24 March 2016

Austrian Environment Agency assists Ukraine in waste management

umweltbundesamt - Kiev, 22 March 2016: A new two-year Twinning project on the collection and recycling of e-waste and used batteries was officially launched today at the Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine. 

Every year, Ukraine has to dispose half a billion tons of wastes, including hundreds of tons of harmful e-waste that often contains hazardous substances that cause pollution and health problems. In the EU waste legislation, landfilling is the "least preferred option" and recycling is encouraged, in particular for waste containing harmful substances and valuable raw materials like e-waste.

Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, explains at the Kick-off event in Kiev: “With this project, the Environment Agency Austria together with...read on.