14 March 2016

Heathrow sets sustainability pledges for food and drink retailers

resource 14 March 2015: Heathrow Airport has set targets, including a 70 per cent food waste recycling rate, for all its food and beverage retailers as part of a new sustainable restaurant guide.

Drafted in partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), ‘Ingredients for Success’ is designed to help the airport work towards a Responsible Heathrow 2020, which aims to ‘enhance local, regional and national, economic and social benefits of Heathrow in a sustainable way’.

The guide sets out sustainability target for all food and beverage retailers on the airport, focusing on six core areas: waste, water, energy, colleagues, community and customers.

As part of the sustainability commitment, Heathrow will also review the waste prevention and recycling communication tools and messaging with the food service community.

Additionally, the guide suggests that the airport retailers will reduce energy use by 10 per cent for every person served and implement a systematic approach to...read on.