27 May 2016

A World With Little Water Supply Has Dire Economic Consequences: World Bank (via TechTimes)

Tech Times 24 May 2016: "Too little water supply in an increasingly warming world can spur dire economic consequences, trigger sudden migration and spark conflict around the globe, a new report by the World Bank warns.

High And Dry
The new report examines the long-term effects of diminishing water supply on the world, citing effects on food, urban, energy and environmental systems.

As cities expand, incomes rise and populations continue to grow, and water supply becomes more erratic and uncertain, researchers write.

Unfortunately, unless action is taken immediately, water will become scarce in places where it is currently abundant, including East Asia and Central Africa.

At the same time, scarcity will worsen in places already with short supply, including the Middle East and the Sahel, the..." read on.