20 May 2016

Stop Firms to waste water worth 1'250 Olympic size pools A DAY (via This is Money)

We meet the Ofwat boss demanding firms stop the astonishing 1,250 Olympic-size pools worth of water A DAY leaking out

This is Money 16 may 2016: "Britain's water regulator has a blunt message for companies that provide our water and sewerage service: they need to get ‘a hell of a lot more efficient’.

Energy companies and telecoms groups are used to taking flak over high prices but it sounds like the water sector is about to come under similar pressure – from Ofwat chief Cathryn Ross.

And the challenges are legion: prices must fall and leaks must be reduced, says Ross. The equivalent of 1,250 Olympic-size swimming pools is leaking per day from the network in England and Wales.

‘This sector right now is at a pivotal point,’ says Ross. ‘If you think about the challenges – population change, climate...' read on.