12 June 2024

A World War II Hero

End of May 2024, we realised a project for our family in the UK. Author Alexander G. Johnson's late uncle Peter Johnson can truly be called a hero of World War II. His sons Douglas and Robert Johnson brought to paper all their father's adventures and tragic experiences while serving in the Royal Artillery between 1936 and 1946. First in the UK, then transferred to India in 1938 just to be sent to Egypt shortly after to fight against the Germans and Italians together with the Allied Forces in North Africa. With D-Day memorised only last week on June 6 for the 90th time, he, too, landed in Normandy - on Sword Beach - and fought his way further into Northwest Europe. But there we also happy days, before, after and even during his service.
The book has been made available in print and electronically for distribution among the many family members and friends. A commercial publication might follow.