Novella: The Last Cigarette (2011/2023)

Originally published in 2011 as an ebook, Alexander G. Johnson picked up this story again, rewrote and expanded it to become a thrilling short novella that takes its readers to a not so distant future.

The Last Cigarette - Cover Image

«The Last Cigarette»
The Priceless Final Puff

This short novella takes you to a bleak future, to a day in the year 2099. The world is ruled by one central government seated in Hong Kong. Beef and pork production has been severely restricted and the official languages are Mandarin, Spanish and English. Smoking and growing of tobacco has been outlawed. In Britain's London, an auction of the last remaining legal cigarette is about to begin. The surrounding events taking place on the same day make it a smoke to remember…

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Short Story, print edition with 52 pages, 14x21.6cm/5.5x8.5in,
3rd edition published on 19 July 2023 © Seven Beland Publishing Switzerland