11 February 2014

10 Reasons To Visit…. Malta

MaltaPoints 05/02/2014: 1. The Climate - Malta is renowned for its pleasant climate. Summer is hot and ideal for sun worshippers, but skirt its edges and you can enjoy hot sunny days without roasting. Even deepest winter remains mild, with cooler days averaging around 15C/59F, but still 5-6 hours of sunshine, and the occasional glorious day thrown in.

Clearly, when you visit will depend on your preference, but September and October are highly recommended, giving you the benefits of the (tolerably) sunny weather without the crowds or the peak prices.

2. Valletta - Valletta is Malta’s capital and a World Heritage site. It has been variously described as an “open-air museum” and the “world’s most historic city”. It was built by the governing Knights of St John, following their success in the Great Siege of 1565, and is a...read on.