12 February 2014

Foreign investors will make Malta their home

MaltaIndependent 03/02/2014: The compulsory one-year residency requirement to the ‘citizenship for sale’ scheme should have been longer but, nonetheless, applicants are bound to fall in love with Malta and choose to live here permanently, according to PN MEP candidate Helga Ellul. Interviewed by Neil Camilleri, the former businesswoman also insists that the IIP should not be the government’s only economic plan, and the €1 billion in profits have to be invested in job creation if the scheme is really about investment.

Helga Ellul chose to contest the EP elections on the PN ticket for two main reasons, the first being that she always considered herself as a Christian Democrat, and the second because she admires the way in which the Gonzi-led government dealt with the financial crisis. On the other hand she has doubts as to whether the current Labour administration can achieve the same results.

“I have essentially worked with a PN government for the past 25 years. I have seen their business approach and how they support business. During the financial crisis the PN looked at companies in difficulty on an individual level and not only...read on.