11 April 2014

Energy matters

MaltaIndependent 23/03/2014: In the light of the strategic measures taken by the current administration, and in view of the ever-changing geopolitical state of affairs, the energy sector remains one of the top priorities for this government. As a matter of fact, just prior to the last election much of the political bickering between the parties was over the past and future challenges of servicing the local economy’s energy needs.

At an early stage in this legislature, the government successfully indicated that the energy strategy was on track towards a more sustainable energy mix that ensures price reductions while at the same time ensuring sustainable measures that reduce emissions: a two-pronged strategy that effectively impinges on the macro economic imbalances and also diversifies our energy needs to different markets.

During the last few months, the credit rating agencies have signalled this positive attitude from the government as a sign that at last the haemorrhage from the state...read on.