12 April 2014

Government launches Digital Malta: National Digital Strategy

Gozo News 27/03/2014: This week the Government presented Digital Malta – the National Digital Strategy for 2014-2020. The seven year strategy was launched by the Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth, Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis.

Digital Malta puts forward a set of guiding principles and policy actions of how ICT can be used for socio-economic development. It sets out a path how ICT can be applied to different sectors of the economy and society, and how citizens and businesses can benefit from its application.

The Prime Minister said that Digital Malta will bring about better employment opportunities, open up new markets for SMEs and encourage a more entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. “It will empower citizens wherever they are and in whatever they are doing, whether at home, at the place of work or during their studies, and while at leisure. Digital Malta also sets out how government can be closer to the citizen through the use of...read on.