6 August 2014

Serious strategy is ‘a must’ to fight obesity

School food policy, dating back to 2007, is expected to be reviewed this year

Times of Malta 24/07/2014: A school food policy should be made mandatory as part of a serious strategy to tackle the alarming rate of obesity in Maltese children, according to experts.

Times of Malta contacted medical experts and nutritionists following the publication of an EU-wide study last week showing Malta’s school food policy had no nutrient-based standards. Malta’s school food policy dates back to 2007 but is expected to be reviewed this year.

Nutritionist and occupational therapist Daniela Cassola recommended that a revised strategy should be made mandatory, and be accompanied by information sessions for parents, carried out by State-registered nutritionists, on the preparation of healthy school lunches and meals. She also recommended that nutrition be made a mandatory part of the...read on.