4 September 2014

Ancient Shipwreck's Cargo Found off Malta

The cargo of an ancient shipwreck was found off Malta.
HNGN 26/08/2014: An ancient ship's cargo, which experts are calling some of the oldest Phoenician artifacts, was found off a Maltese Island, according to the Associated Press.

Malta's Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Owen Bonnici, said the Phoenician shipwreck was found Monday, Xinhua reported.

Timothy Gambin, a University of Malta researcher, said the artifacts found on the ship, 20 grinding stones and 50 amphorae, which are containers to hold wine, date back to 700 B.C., IB Times reported.

"The discovery is considered to be unique not only here but internationally as well because it is the oldest, or considered to be the oldest shipwreck in the central Mediterranean and it is in a fantastic state of preservation," Gambin told the...read on.