3 September 2014

‘I was happy to see the Maltese flag go up’

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Times of Malta 27/08/2014: Hugh Hurrell was sad to see the Union Jack lowered but glad that the Maltese were hoisting their own flag with its symbolic cross of bravery on top of a long white mast at the Independence Arena in Floriana, 50 years ago.

“We changed into our uniform at the barracks and we were called to attention in preparation for the Union Jack to be lowered and the white and red Maltese flag to go up.

“I felt sad that Malta, which I was and still am fond of, was being separated from England, but at the same time I knew how truly special that moment was for the Maltese, so I was happy for them,” 74-year-old Mr Hurrell, who now lives in Malta, said.

Just a week short of his 24th birthday, Mr Hurrell was part of the Royal Navy detachment on the parade ground at the...read on.