Alexander G. Johnson      Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer

Born in London in the fifties, Maltese/British author Alexander Gregory Johnson has been creatively inspired by the many facets of his colourful life. 

Alexander developed his creative talents in his later years - from short stories to a critically acclaimed musical, his work delves into the emotional mechanics of our planet, be it past, present or future. 

The author lives and works in Switzerland. and is the co-founder of Seven Beland Publishing.
     Gabriele looks back at a well-travelled management career in airline and corporate travel, with considerable streaks of marketing, social media, and digital distribution. She also accounts for promotional campaigns and artwork design for several international, independent musicians.

On the artistic side, Gabriele co-produced «STORM the Musical» in 2009, and delivered all photographs, the German translation and layout for «Malta & Gozo - Islands of Cats». Since her retirement in 2021, the Swiss citizen with German roots  focusses on publishing.