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A 21st Century Musical - STORM the Musical

We are offering this world musical for further development. Suitable for multiple generations, it serves a broad audience and covers today's burning topics. A contemporary musical, which can be staged with a limited budget.

STORM rides on the rollercoaster of our modern world in a direct and most entertaining way - playing in a downtown bar during a raging storm, while the story evolves around the interaction of the varied characters that are trapped in the location.

The Story

It's late evening, and somewhere on this planet, a coastal city is being battered by a rampaging storm. Roofs are being ripped apart, and trees torn from their roots; in the midst of this, anxious citizens and visitors alike are seeking refuge from nature's fury.
Act 1 - Unperturbed by the obvious danger, AJ, a tough down town barman, has decided to keep his bar open, and watch the cyclones progress on the TV. Fate, in the guise of the storm, decides to blow fugitives from the tempest through his door. The individuals bring with them their different characteristics, their dreams, worries, loves and hopes; which unfold and entwine into each other as the storm makes its way overhead.
For instance, the war correspondent Lance drinking whiskey to kick out the nightmares in
his head, while Lou -a local madam- keeps him company; talking shop with Lance's old comrade in arms, ex-marine AJ. A group of bored youngsters verbally mock Lou, who more than defends herself; from this outburst transpires a dialogue with the lonely, single mother, Maria.
The usually immaculately dressed, and arrogant, investment banker, Eve, enters weather
beaten into the bar; she is soon identified as the corpus delicti of Gianni's unemployment. News commentaries concerning the storm flash over the screen. The bar is thrown into darkness, and the bar's effects crash to the floor, as the storm makes its presence felt.
Act 2 - The lights are back, and most of the guests are helping to bring the bar into some kind of order. AJ advises Sascha to finally find the courage to show Maria his long hidden feelings to her. A cell phone, a glass of coke, and a stained jacket cause a generation gap-rap; while three ladies withdraw to the rest room for a female-only conversation.
The storm's rage has subsided, and emotions have softened; Gianni gets an unexpected job
offer from Eve. Sascha and Maria have found each other. The peace after the storm brings with it hope - hope for a brighter life, and the strength in spirit to live it.

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STORM celebrated its debut in front of 850 guests in a theatre near Zurich on May 1st, 2009.
Book, Lyrics:  Alexander G. Johnson
Music:  Alexander G. Johnson, Andreas Winkler, Sarah Huber ("Broken Toy")
Dialogues: also available in German, translation:  Gabriele Ruttloff-Bauer
Musical:  © 2009+ Seven Beland Publishing, Switzerland
Music:  ℗ 2009+ Bar-Song Productions by Seven Beland Publishing, Switzerland / SUISA
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